Site Updates & Changes

24 March 2022: Added 29 postcard pages.

08 March 2022: Finished Mesopotamia page.

19 January 2022: Added nine geology pages pages. Updated the site map.

16 January 2022: Created the 'Geology', 'Postcards', 'Lighthouses', and 'Music' pages. Updated the site map. Updated the links on the homepage but not the rest of the site.

28 June 2021: Added three history pages.

14 June 2021: Added two history pages, one case file, and another CSS page. Finished the 'Ancient Egypt' page.

12 June 2021: Finished the 'What is History?' page. Updated 'Strange Finds' page and site map.

11 June 2021: Added two case files. Updated the homepage, 'About Me' page, and 'Strange Finds' page.

10 June 2021: Created the 'Strange Finds' page and a site map. Finished 'Case File #1.'

09 June 2021: Added seven history pages and links to the homepage on all pages. Learned how to create lists in HTML. Updated the homepage and the 'About Me' page.

08 June 2021: Edited the homepage. Redid the 'About Me' page. Updated the pre-2018 reading page.

13 June 2020: Added twelve recipes. Reorganized the recipe index.

09 June 2020: Added sixteen recipes.

08 June 2020: Added eight recipes.

07 June 2020: Added four recipes. Finished adding one playlist.

03 June 2020: Added fourteen recipes. Finished the pre-2018 reading page.

02 June 2020: Added thirteen recipes. Created pages for my playlists. Finished the 2018 & 2019 reading pages.

01 June 2020: Added ten recipes. Learned how to make tables in HTML. Created an 'About Me' page & yearly reading pages.

31 May 2020: Created! Added four recipes.